Shoto Hayakawa

Heights Amour|ハイツアムール

  • Interactive Movie_2018.01


As soon as the audience opens the door in the gallery, he/she sees the video that he/she appears. Then in the image, his/her eyes looking through the gap of the door matches the eyes of a person who faces. The reality him/herself birds-eye over the video. An indivisible relationship between the audience and the video is born, and the monitor in front of the audience will cross all viewpoints. There is a strange compulsion that sets the behavior to a person who faces. In the second half of the video, the audience can put suspicion on the person who is said to have peeked at the incedent scene. Record the audience peeking in the first half of the video with a camera of another angle, edit it in real time, and the audience will be decided to be on the incedent scene without permission. It is a really unreasonable interaction, but this may actually happen in daily life.

Shoto Hayakawa Shoto Hayakawa