Shoto Hayakawa







Meet up around 8 p.m.

Interactive Video 2019.09

This work incorporates audiences seated before a monitor as performers into the video. Audiences will perform as a member of a majority vote. Audiences are asked questions by the performers in the video, and the story develops with their inputs as they assert their opinion by raising their hand. In recent years, many commercial media arts and interaction systems have been tried, but often cause annoyance to audiences because they induce unusual and unnatural body movements. In this work, I focus on raising hands, which is daily activities, in order to solve an unnaturalness in interaction. Audiences can understand how to relate to this work through general, not personal, experience.* This work was requested by the Cairo Video Festival held in Cairo, Egypt, and is a reproduction of the previously produced “Meet up at 8 p.m.” with the Egyptian script, shooting location, and actors.

モニターの前に座った観客を、ある多数決の場に映像の出演者として巻き込む。観客は映像内の出演者に質問され、自分の意見を主張するため 「手を挙げる」ことで、物語を演じ進めて行くことになる。近年、商業的なメディアアートが数多く試みられているが、非日 常的で不自然な身体の動きを誘発するため、観客のご厄介(=参加を無理強いする)になるものが目立つ。本作はその不自然さを解消するため、 映像への関わり方として日常行為を取り上げている。この経験は観客が 普段の生活に戻り、「手を挙げる」などの日常行為をした際、身体の記憶が思い起こされ、習慣化されたふるまいを変革する可能性をも秘めている。*本作はエジプトはカイロで開催されたCairo Video Festivalからの依頼があり、過去に制作した 《8時集合で》をエジプトの脚本、撮影地、役者で再制作したものである。

Executive Producer: Mayar Kotb
Assistant Director: Bassem El Qassabi
Script: Yuseph Bashat, Bassem El Qassabi
Communication Translator: Maryam Belal
Actors: Abdallah Shukri, Marina Victor, Huda Abul Naga, Rahma Yehia, Maryam Belal
Special Thanks: Mohamed Abdelkarim, Mena El Shazly, Marwan El Gamal, Yu Shibata
This video was produced by Cairo Video Festival organized by Medrar.

早川翔人|Meet up around 8 p.m.